Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.


Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.

Media Centre

ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator based at our Head Office will be very happy to help you with any media enquiries you may have.

Further Information on a Media Release/Statement ASCERT Has Issued

Should you require any additional information to support or add to a media release or statement issued by ASCERT, please do not hesitate to contact ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator.

Comment on a Piece a Media Outlet/Journalist is Working On

ASCERT has a range of highly skilled, informed and experienced practitioners in areas relating to alcohol, drugs and suicide prevention (and other areas that related to these topics), who are able to add an informed comment to any piece a print, digital or broadcast journalist may be working on. Please contact ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator who will facilitate this for you.

Help for School or College Assignments

Unfortunately ASCERT are not able to directly support students with any coursework pieces they are doing due to our limited staffing. However, on our website is a wealth of free information that you are able to use providing you reference the source correctly. You may like to visit the Resources section (hyperlinked) of this website to read some useful content that may help inform your coursework.

Academic Research or ‘Clinical’ Studies

If you are an academic/researcher or staff member working in another public or community/voluntary agency who would like to speak to someone within ASCERT about potentially working in some capacity with our organisation and/or our service users to inform your research/studies, please make contact with the appropriate member of ASCERT’s management team in the first instance to discuss your proposal. Visit the Management Team section (hyperlinked) of this website for a full listing of ASCERT’s management team.


Becoming a Blog Contributor

ASCERT welcomes enquiries from individuals outside of our organisation who might like to become a guest blogger, making a contribution to be featured on our website. Check out previous contributions, visit the Blogs section (hyperlinked) of this website.

We are keen to hear from other practitioners working in the area of alcohol/drug prevention, intervention, recovery and postvention services, or other associated fields.

We are also keen to hear from academics, those who have a ‘lived experience’ (i.e. a personal experience of being affected by alcohol and/or drug use), who might have information or accumulated experience that could be a positive support to anyone who is affected by alcohol and/or drug use.

ASCERT welcomes your suggestions for contributor content in this area, and in the first instance, before putting yourself to the effort of preparing something, you should make contact with our Marketing & Communications Coordinator (see contact details below), to discuss the theme/content of your proposed content.

ASCERT reserves the right to refuse, edit or amend any proposed content submissions and is under no obligation to accept unsolicited or unapproved content for its website Blog section.


Contacting ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator

All enquiries from media outlets/journalists must come through ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator in the first instance. You can make contact by the following methods:


Telephone: 0800 2545 123 – Office Hours, Monday-Friday (please ask to speak to the Marketing & Communications Coordinator).

Mobile: 07718 124 917 (please not this number is not continually monitored outside office hours).

What will happen when you submit a suggestion for a contributor blog?

ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator will work with you to draw together a synopsis of your proposed submission. This will then be shared with ASCERT’s wider management team to ensure that the proposed contribution fits with ASCERT’s ethos, aims and operational remit (please note this process could take between 2-4 weeks).

Only if approved by the wider ASCERT management team will a potential contributor then be asked by the Marketing & Communications Coordinator to go ahead and prepare a full draft piece. Once submitted, the draft blog may be edited/amended by ASCERT and will once again need to be approved by ASCERT’s wider management team prior to any publication (please note this process could take between 2-4 weeks).

The contributor will then be shown the approved version and asked to complete a consent form that gives ASCERT permission to publish their contribution. Normally ASCERT prefers to identity ifs guest bloggers and it will be that guest blogger’s responsibility to ensure their submitted content does not mention another without that person’s express consent, does not defame or liable another, breaches the confidentiality of another or in any other manner is constructed and written in a manner that would breach any applicable laws or regulations. ASCERT’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator can help give you guidance based on these content restrictions.