Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.


Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.

This video was made by young people who have received support from ASCERT. They came together to share their experiences of living with hidden harm and to offer reassurance and help to others in similar situations. There were two groups—one in Belfast and one in Derry—that met regularly to create this video.

Rory McCarron, the Audio/Visual Project Officer at Verbal Arts Centre in Derry, played a pivotal role in collaborating with the young participants. Under his guidance, each sentence in the video was crafted by a different individual, ensuring a diverse range of voices and perspectives. Remarkably, no two sentences were written by the same person, underscoring the unique contributions of each participant. Despite this diversity, the finished video seamlessly captures the overarching theme that resonates with every young person’s experience of living with hidden harm. Through this collaborative effort, the voices of these youths blend to create a powerful and cohesive narrative that speaks to the collective challenges and resilience of their shared journey.

At ASCERT’s Christmas party, the video was presented to staff by key worker Joe and his client Conan. Conan bravely shared his personal story, detailing his journey of receiving support from ASCERT and his involvement in creating the video. He spoke candidly about his experiences, offering insights into the impact of ASCERT’s services and the process of making the video. This first-hand account added a poignant touch to the event, highlighting the real-world significance of the work being done by ASCERT and the positive outcomes it can achieve for individuals like Conan.

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