Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.


Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.


Level One Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Awareness (E-Learning) Programme

  • Duration 40m
  • Total Enrolled 1225
  • Last Update July 7, 2021


This course is a FREE online training resource now available through the SBNI / EITP Trauma Informed Practice Project for staff across your organisation to build their understanding of adverse childhood experiences and trauma sensitive approaches to practice.

The aim of this programme is to raise awareness of the potential impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) on individuals and communities.

Topics for this course

1 Lessons40m

ACEs Course

ACE’s Level 1 Quiz

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4.55 (165 ratings)

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1233 students

Student Feedback


Total 164 Ratings

110 ratings
37 ratings
14 ratings
2 ratings
1 rating

great resource and simple information

Helpful info


Good that it was interactive

very informative and insightful. Thankyou.

Course was informative and easily followed. Will help with future job as OT.


It was very informative

very interesting

I thought this was a great course to develop and gain further understanding around the topic of adverse childhood experiences


Easy to follow and nice and short.

easy to understand and navigate

Good refresher course for me.

Some questions a bit subjective.

An excellent refresher course.




Very informative

Some of the questions seemed very subjective, and I would’ve liked to know what questions I got wrong to know for the future.



Very informative

great detail

very informative


Very informative.

Very informative

very informative and useful

Quick and informative

clear and informative

very good overview - good examples.

i enjoyed it




Great course

Interesting and informative

excellent resource

good match

That was interesting and relevant to my work and workplace

I didn't think it was relevant to my work.

Very informative and interesting

A useful and informative course that offers expert knowledge. Although the course was easy enough to follow there were some navigation issues and the quiz asked questions on areas that had not been explored in the course, which on a positive note made you think on your feet, however maybe for newer learners may impact on them passing or failing.

Informative and practical

good and informative

Very easy to follow and a lot of expert knowledge

Very useful information at an accessible language

very specific info and includes research results

It was informative

Very interesting


Very informative, helpful and useful.


course was very informative and well presented

Presentation was excellent. Questions not very clear and although relevant, took away from what I had gained in the information provided.

Course was good, the quiz multiple choice questions should have a cap on the choices to help.


very useful

this was very interesting

A good overview of Adverse Childhood Experiences. Helpful guidance given which will enable us to be more aware and understanding when working with those who have experienced trauma.




easy to use and read


Some of the questions were too vague

Great insight and helpful knowledge and advice

great programme

good course was very helpful

great info

Covered ACE's brilliantly

The course was a little difficult to navigate and the website froze a lot, but I enjoyed it and found it very informative and relevant to my job.

very good

covered ACEs well


Very interesting and helpful

Very good

very good

great, thank you


clear information that makes you think

This module gave me a better understanding of Aces and how the affect children.

Good for beginners



It was very helpful and informative


I found this course very informative and helpful as an introduction to ACEs

Great course, very interesting and informative.

Good but found quiz a bit confusing

interesting and easy to complete

A good introduction in ACEs

Interesting material


Good course with very useful handouts/resource links

Very interesting and informative

The course was very informative.

beneficial and informative


good course love the tree with the branches and roots

A fascinating course and very useful as an introduction into ACEs and Trauma

The course was good.



Good inightful

yes,very succinct

Very informative!


very good

understanding how experiences at a young age effects children as they grow helps me understand their behaviour now

very knowledgeable


good thank you

Good general introduction to the subject. Thank you.

Informative and enjoyable

Super. Straightforward and informative

Very interesting.

very good

Very informative

really informative

Very informative

very informative

Very interesting and informative. Sadly I found the navigation somewhat confusing especially as I have been through the course three times but when I get to the questionnaire it says something like "Please return to the course and finish it before taking the quiz."

The presentation was useful and clearly presented.

Was very beneficial.

Informative content

very informative

Interesting, informative, and well presented

I thought it was very informative and a great way to think about trauma influencing our every day practice

informative and useful resources

Very well presented and informative

Informative and well presented course.


Very interesting and informative course. One drawback was I was unable to return to the previous slide without coming out of the presentation- a tech issue that did not detract from the valuable content

Informative course, highlighting the importance of understanding ACE's

very good

Very informative

very good

Excellent and worthwhile

Very informative

i enjoyed this course

Great insights and lots of information

Website not easy to navigate but the course itself was great

I found this to be an excellent course.

It helped highlight some ACEs, what may contribute to an ACE and the impact they may have on an individuals future. I still feel that I would like face to face training to cover ACEs in more detail.

Very informative

Found the course really useful and the learning outcomes


Material Includes

  • Downloadable resources
  • Certificate of completion


  • Welcome to this programme on Adverse Childhood Experiences Awareness Level 1.  This is an introductory programme that aims to raise awareness of the potential impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on individuals and communities.
  • Once you complete the course you will be asked to complete a short assessment to ascertain your understanding of the material before being able to view and print a statement of completion.

Target Audience

  • This course is suitable to anyone working or volunteering in the statutory, voluntary or community sectors in a role where they encounter childhood adversity
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