Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.


Addressing alcohol and drug-related issues: Reducing harm and supporting positive change.


Level Two Developing Trauma Sensitive Approaches to Practice Training E-Learn Programme

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  • Last Update July 7, 2021

What Will I Learn?

  • An enhanced understanding of ACE related Trauma
  • Enhanced skills and confidence to use a Trauma Sensitive Lens in order to support and develop resilience for those with whom you work
  • Appreciation of the impact of secondary trauma; exploring ways to support the health & wellbeing of all staff including volunteers

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ACE Level 2

ACE Level 2
Level 2 Quiz

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Interesting to learn about the 4 R's and the LENS approach to trauma.


Very good

Found the course informative but don't feel it covered all questions in the quiz


Very informative

Very informative


Very informative

Quiz unclear and open to interpretation.

interesting content

Very informative and relevant.

It was very useful


Good content, sometimes difficult to navigate




Learning about the 'bottom up' approach is very helpful and informative.

Great information and nicely presented which made it easy to read and interact with. Would be nice to see how you've gone wrong with the quiz answers though.

Content good.

questions wording can be difficult to understand, not reason as to why questions answered incorrectly

needed guidance as to which answers were correct

The information is very useful, however, some guidance on the incorrect answer for the quiz would be useful for my own learning.

No opportunities to reflect on and learn from mistakes made in the quiz.

Very good



Useful to identify and consider the indicators of trauma and how I might help support a traumatised person.

The questions are very difficult to understand at times and subjective.

Thought provoking

very informative

Very informative.


informative and easy to follow

I have learnt a lot from this course

Accessible, interesting with concrete examples. Interface could be more better as the system tended to bug...

This was a very informative course with a lot of knowledge and skill base that I can apply in my role.

Very detailed and well explained.

Great course, really informative 👍

Very useful and informative course.

The course was very informative and it helped me to expand my knowledge of trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Quiz is vague and confusing despite understanding content. Content itself is good and interesting

Interesting information

The course content was very good. Quiz as others have said is very misleading and level 1 was the same. Not easy to navigate. Sort out the quiz and the whole experience would be much better!!

Very good content however the quiz at the end the questions were very misleading and would not display which questions were answered incorrectly. Overall turned out to be a waste of time such a shame.

Good course

Good information

Very good. Challenging

very good

very informative course

Very informtive

Very good and informative,

Great course

Very informative and engaging

It has been useful and valuable information/training for my professional development to enhance my practice in better supporting the children experiencing adverse childhood experiences.

Great course the quiz was a bit ambigious re answers

Great information and easy to follow

very informative

Very informative, enjoyed course.

very useful thanking you

Amazing experience!

A detailed overview with a variety of interactive learning methods and helpful advice on applying the materials to real life situations.


very informative

Very informative.


I found this a better course than level one. The video clips in particular were very succinct and useful.

Very informative.

Very are too ambiguous.

Really interesting content, got me thinking but poor navigation on the site and the test was not the easiest to work with.

useful content but quiz and navigation poor

useful content, but quiz and navigation are poor


Took too long to load

poor technology - took a long time

A challenging course that makes you alert to the full effects of trauma.

The content was useful but the navigation was very difficult, both within the slides and around the website. (E.g. the ‘Next’ arrow below the bottom left of the slides could be re-labelled something like ‘Jump to Quiz’ to clarify that it isn’t the means of just getting to the next slide.)

Very informative

Very imformative

Really informative



It was very good.



Yes it was good.

i enjoyed this course but found some of the quiz questions very misleading

I found this course beneficial to understanding the impact of trauma and how to support those affected.

Need to give answers that you get wrong


useful and valuable knowledge gained, some of the content in the quiz is not necessarily mentioned in the training which is a bit confusing

Need to which which questions got wrong

Very informative

Good, informative course. Would be helpful to know what questions were answered incorrectly on quiz.


useful info

Very informative

Enjoyed this course.

very unclear quiz

This course was very interesting and informative



Enjoyed the course.


Very Good



Information helpful.

Very informative.

Very informative

Very informative

great detail


excellent - really good animations - easy to follow

it was great i could do i remotely around my schedule however i only discovered the amazing resources after i had completed course and exam, i wish i had seen them sooner

very informative and interesting, especially the animations

good match

very rigorous and helpful

Informative and practical

very informative


It was excellent

Great info, very useful

fantastic useful practical training

very well informed and very interactive



I learned new knowledge about how to offer support


Very informative but very poorly worded quizzes

Very informative

very engaging


very informative

very informative

Good course, very helpful

Very relevant to my role and well structured. maybe not very straight forward in terms of navigation. I passed on my first attempt but then could not figure out how to complete the course to get my certificate and tried redoing the test several times.

Good Clear Presentation. Test at the end helps to remember the learning

Good information.

very good

really built upon level 1 and increased thinking of this topic

Very informative and useful.

Very informative


Very helpful and expanded on my knowledge using the LENS technique.

Very informative

The course was good, very informative and the use of visual aids helped with my learning style

Expanded my knowledge


Material Includes

  • Downloadable materials
  • Certificate of completion

Target Audience

  • For staff working directly with children, young people, families and/or adults who have been directly impacted by trauma relating to childhood adversity. This may include child care providers /early years sector, teaching and pastoral care staff, therapists/counsellors, coaches, social work/care workers, clergy, safeguarding leads, constables, probation officers, court officers, medical care providers etc. This programme may also be of interest to those who have completed Level One who are not in direct contact with service users. Staff should liaise with their managers to ensure appropriateness of this course.