Hidden Harm In Your Past

You may not be living with your parent(s) – you may be living with someone else (like another relative or a foster carer). Despite this, you can still be affected by problems even if you are no longer living with your parent(s) or even if the problems were a few years ago.

There are a number of good reasons why something like Steps to Cope may still be helpful, even if you are not living with your parent(s).

You may have regular contact with your parent, and their continued alcohol use, drug use, or mental health problem may REMIND YOU OF THE PAST or upset you and cause PROBLEMS

You may also may have questions for why you are IN CARE or cared for by ANOTHER RELATIVE or a FOSTER CARER.
You may even BLAME YOURSELF or carry GUILT, and believe it is somehow your fault.

In these cases, Steps to Cope can be helpful to think about the long-term impact of living with such stressors. It can also be helpful to think about ways of coping that may not be so helpful anymore, and what support is available to you even when you’re growing up but may still feel affected by childhood issues.