What People Have To Say



I didn’t really understand it so I didn’t know what to feel….it’s given me the chance to be open….it helped me to become more positive.


It made me realise I’ve got plenty of people there for me. Steps to Cope really helped me get a hold of where I was at and what I can do that affected my situation and how I felt

Northern Ireland

For once people had got it right about writing stuff for kids… most of the time people write stuff for kids and it doesn’t relate to us. Steps to Cope was a real life saver for me, I’m glad to have got involved


I have learnt that mum suffered from these things. I found all the information useful. It helps me to talk about things I find hard.


I have learnt that it’s not my fault. Things happen to lots of people and it really is down to your view on how you go forward, Steps to Cope really helped me get a different view.


I’ve become more open. I know that i have to learn to trust people because not everyone is going to let me down. I can talk about my problems more easily and this has had a very positive impact on my life. I have also learnt to sort out my problems because avoiding them does not help the situation.