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Taking the Lid Off - Teen Guide
Taking the Lid Off - Teen Guide
A booklet for young people living with an adults substance use.
Drug and Alcohol Intervention Service for Youth
Drug and Alcohol Intervention Service for Youth
The DAISY service can support young people affected by their own substance use or by that of another person
Worried about my parents

I am worried about my parents drinking or drug use

Worried about parents drinking or drug useLots of adults drink alcohol and in small amounts this is usually fine, but drinking in excess can be dangerous and harmful to the body and can cause family arguments and problems. If your parents or carers are drinking too much that can be harmful to you too.

The first thing you should do is NOT to blame yourself. Its your parents or carers job to look after you and this may not be happening if they are drinking too much.

If they have a problem with drinking then you need to talk to someone you trust so that they can get some help for both you and your parents. There are many professional who are trained and waiting to help you and there only concern is to make thing better for you and your family.

You alone cannot stop someone from drinking, they themselves have to recognise the problem first and only they can decide to face up to it

You could share your concern with them and try to make them aware of the problems their drinking is causing to you. Just choose your moment wisely, preferably when they're sober.

Don't attempt to control their habit by hiding bottles or pouring alcohol away, as you could end up with an angry confrontation on your hands.

Alcohol can make people behave unpredictably. If there's a risk of violence, take steps to protect yourself.

Whatever has caused this person to turn to drink, you are not to blame. Nor should you feel obliged to cover up for their habits or make excuses about it to others.

How can I get help?

It's usually hard for people to recognise they have a problem, which is why friends or family often step in. Quitting is hard to do, and many people find they can't do it without help. The best thing you can do is to talk to someone you trust preferably an adult who can support you so you don't have to deal with your problem alone.

You can talk to someone from our DAISY service if you have concerns and want to share them with someone.


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