"reducing alcohol and drug related harm in our communities"
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Cannabis and You
Cannabis and You
A booklet to help you examine your cannabis use.
Drinks Calculator
Drinks Calculator
How does your drinking measure up? Calculate your own alcohol intake.
Alcohol MOT
Alcohol MOT
A tool to help you assess your drinking.
Knowing when to get help

I think I may have a problem with drink and drugs

My friend thinks I have a drinking and drug problem. What should I do?

Using alcohol or drugs regularly can lead to problems, especially if you begin to depend on these substances to feel good about yourself or just to get through the day.

Here are a few warning signs that someone may have a substance abuse problem:

  •  relying on drugs or alcohol to have fun, forget problems, or relax
  • having blackouts
  • drinking or using drugs while alone
  • withdrawing or keeping secrets from friends or family
  • losing interest in activities that used to be important
  • performing differently in school (such as grades dropping and frequent absences)
  • building an increased tolerance to alcohol or drugs — gradually needing more and more of the substance to get the same feeling
  • lying, stealing, or selling stuff to get money for drugs or alcohol 

Knowing when to get help

It's usually hard for people to recognize they have a problem, which is why friends or family often step in. Quitting is hard to do, and many people find they can't do it without help. The best thing you can do is to talk to someone you trust preferably an adult who can support you so you don't have to deal with your problem alone.

You can talk to someone from our DAISY service if you want to discuss this. Click the link to DAISY on the left for more information.

Drug and Alcohol Intervention Service for Youth
Drug and Alcohol Intervention Service for Youth
The DAISY service can support young people affected by their own substance use or by that of another person

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