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Help for Young People and Families

Help for Young People and Families

Are you a young person concerned about your own alcohol or drug use or about another person's use, or a parent concerned about your child?  Don't worry, there are services that you can talk to confidentially, to work out whats happening and how to get the best support.

You can call us on 0800 2545 123 to discuss this confidentially or have a look at the links below and find out more about the services available.

DAISY is a confidential support service for young people up to age 25 who are using drugs or alcohol. It can also provide help to parents/carers and other family members of the young person. see more...

Steps to Cope is an online support for young people who are concerned in some way by a parent or carers alcohol or substance use or mental health difficulties in their family see more...

The Targeted Lifeskills Service is a lifeskills and harm reduction programme for groups of young people identified as being at risk of substance use or using substances. Referrals are made by someone working with the young people. see more ...






The Engage Family Therapy Service provides support to families experiencing challenging issues that affect realtionships within the family see more

Other Sources of Support

Lifeline is the Northern Ireland crisis response helpline service for people who are experiencing distress or despair. No matter what your age or where you live in Northern Ireland, if you are or someone you know is in distress or despair, Lifeline is here to help.

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