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ASCERT is a leading provider of training programmes dealing with substance misuse and other releated issues. We have a wide range of training that can be accessed for free and these are published here. If you cannot find a course that is suitable to you we can provide or develop bespoke programmes tailored to your specific needs. 

Services we can provide include:

  • Support to assess the training and development needs
  • The design of bespoke training to meet your requirements.
  • Delivery of training to your target audiences
  • Evaluation tools to measure learning and development
  • Training for your staff to deliver training programmes

This training is available to organisations within the statutory, voluntary, community and private sectors

We can provide the following bespoke training for your organisation/group priced according to your needs. 

Protecting Life Courses

Suicide Talk

A short training session that offers participants with a resource to create a climate of awareness and an interest in learning more about the wide range of suicide prevention activities. It explores the most fundamental attitudinal issues about suicide, providing a solid foundation for future contributions to suicide prevention.


Safe Talk

Half-day training in suicide alertness, which helps participants recognize a person with thoughts of suicide and connects them with resources that can help them in choosing to live. Participants do not need any formal preparation to attend; anyone aged 15 years or older who wants to make a difference can learn the Safe Talk steps.



A 2-day interactive workshop in suicide first aid. ASIST teaches participants to recognize when someone may be at risk of suicide and work with them to create a plan that will support their immediate safety. Although ASIST is widely used by healthcare providers, participants do not need any formal training to attend the workshop – ASIST can be learned and used by anyone.

Training for staff working in licensed premises

ASCERT can provide staff working in both on and off-sales settings with a variety of bespoke training that includes licensing authority requirements, knowledge about the physiological, behavioural, and social effects of alcohol, the implications of mixing alcohol with other drugs, how to deal with customers who are drunk, community safety implications, and possible support services for vulnerable customers.



Half-day training that looks at the deliberate infliction of tissue damage or alteration to oneself without suicidal intent. The course looks at the definition of self-harm, the differences between it and suicide,  the prevalence of self-harm, how to recognise the signs, common contributory factors, self-harming behaviours, its relationship to substance use and possible support resources and interventions for those affected by self-harm.


For more information or to discuss your requirements and costings please call us on 0800 2545 123 or email training@ascert.biz

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