"reducing alcohol and drug related harm in our communities"
Steps to Change

Steps to Change

Steps to Change is delivered by ASCERT in the Western Health Trust area of Northern Ireland.
It provides a programme of support to individuals to help them reduce the harm caused by alcohol or drug use.
It is also available to family members affected by another person’s substance use, even if the person using substances does not want help.
We offer a short structured programme of support based on individual needs to help the person set realistic and achievable goals that can improve their situation. This can include up to 10 sessions of therapeutic counselling.

Who we can support

  • Adults who are willing to seek help and support for their alcohol use.
  • An adult who is affected by another person’s alcohol or drug use.
  • There is no upper age limit.
  • You must live in the Western Health and Social Care Trust area.

Who can make a referral

We accept referrals from the person seeking help themselves, a family member or friend, and a wide range of professionals.

Making Contact

Steps to Change,
ASCERT, 7a Dublin Road,
Omagh BT78 1ES
T: 0800 2545 123
E: info@ascert.biz
If you live in one of the other Trust areas call us and you may be able to access one of our other services or we will can give you contact numbers for other providers

23 Bridge Street,
Co. Antrim
BT28 1XZ

Tel: 0800 2545 123
Fax: 028 9260 3874
Email: info@ascert.biz
Charity Number: NIC101239